Good Morning Britain

With former X SAS colleague Bob Curry

Remembrance Day

What Soldiers Think

Questions for an SAS Veteran

Seven questions you always wanted to ask

6 Days

6 Days. Coming 2 November 2017.

6 Days Movie

Official trailer from Netflix - 6 Days. Coming 2 November 2017.

Rusty Firmin Interview

Segment from Legasee's incredible hour long interview with Rusty Firmin of the 22 SAS Squadron. Hear in intense step-by-step detail of the moment his SAS team smashed the windows of the Iranian embassy in London, and went about resolving the infamous hostage situation.

Combined Military Services Museum

Ex-SAS Sergeant Rusty Firmin, who shot dead a grenade-carrying terrorist during the Iranian Embassy siege, gives a summary of his career as has donates the kit he wore to the Combined Military Services Museum, Maldon.

Iranian Embassy Siege

Rusty Firmin ex-SAS Blue Team Leader talks to snapperjack for Eye Spy Magazine about the Iranian Embassy Siege of 1980. Produced after the publication of his first book Go! Go! Go! with Will Pearson.

ITV This Morning

SAS are being sent in to hunt down the terrorist warlords. The elite fighter force will now get more funding - along with more support from drones and spy planes - but is it enough to fight terrorists at home and abroad?

BBC Wales News

BBC Wales news website takes a closer look at one of Wales' last true wildernesses, its significant role in the history of the SAS and why it is no stranger to tragedy.