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Mike Witt,  CEO
Pilgrim Bandits Charity

"The Cockleshell Expedition team from the Pilgrim Bandits Charity were pleased Rusty popped in to give a fantastic informative presentation filled with facts and a dry sense of humour about the Iranian Embassy siege recently while they were in Devon training. Huge thanks from the Whole team and Charity".

Pilgrim Bandits Summer Ball 4th July 2014 Doncaster
"Our special thanks to our Ambassador Rusty Firmin. A superb evening made all the better in the company of this inspirational and entertaining man".

CJ Smith MBE,  Warrant Officer One
Royal Navy HMS Nelson

"Rusty Firmin produced a stunning performance to captivated Warrant Officers, Senior Rates & SNCOs Mess at HMS NELSON in Portsmouth on Monday 15th November 2010. He portrayed an informative and often humorous account of the Iranian Embassy siege and his part in that event as an SAS 3 I/C and a blue team leader. From the volume of questions raised, it was clear the audience were thoroughly enthralled and keen to broaden their understanding of the operation. From all within the Mess at HMS NELSON, I would like to convey our thanks for a wonderful evening".

Richard Wooldridge MSc,  Director
Combined Military Services Museum

"Rusty Firmin opened the Special Forces Exhibition at the Combined Military Services Museum with John Whittingdale, OBE. On 28th July 2011. During his speech Rusty recognised the work and sacrifices of the Special Forces both past and present. After the ceremony Rusty talked with the guests about his experiences who found the discussions most interesting and inspirational.

Rusty has kindly donated numerous artefacts from his service in the SAS including equipment worn during the Embassy raid, which forms a centrepiece of the Special Forces Exhibition. He continues to work with the museums team, and further displays of his SAS equipment will be opened to the public shortly".

Malcolm Dyer,  Executive Member
Ascot Round Table

"His presentation was so exhilarating and unique that we were all just glued to our seats of the true account from the beginning to the end of the siege. Our audience was mixed from those of the age that recalled the ITN news of the event when the SAS stormed the embassy, to the young members that had no real knowledge until the evening.  Rusty's delivery was just perfect to everyone present and the feedback was excellent. His passion and ability of a detailed talk on the background leading up to the signal GO GO GO gave us an appreciation and inspiration of why we are so proud to have the best exclusive Regiment in the world.  An appreciation to Rusty from Ascot Round Table was a donation to the Pilgrim Bandits of which he is a worthy ambassador. We cannot express our thanks enough for his presentation and will be rebooking him in the very near future".