Aero Legends

Courtesy flight Aero Legends combined ops Kent

Back Door Assualt

Man with no gloves - Back Door Assualt team

Book Signing

Book signing Pilgrim Bandits charity


Pilgrim Bandits charity fundraiser

Book Signing

Book signing for charity event in Doncaster

Pilgrim Bandits Ambassador

Ambassador for the charity Pilgrim Bandits

Back to the room

Back to the room where I left my gloves 14-15 Princess Gate

Photo Shoot

Photo shoot for The Regiment 15 Years in the SAS

Photo Shoot

Photo shoot for The Regiment 15 Years in the SAS

Rusty with Jamie Bell

On set with Jamie Bell filming for 6 Days


Training on Dartmoor

Book Signing War and Peace

Guest of honour at the War and Peace event.

Pilgrim Bandits Skerne Lodge

Kayak assessment Skerne Lodge Devon

Cage diving South Africa

Pilgrim Bandits cage dive South Africa

Charity boxing night 8 April 2016

Charity boxing night Southampton

Pilgrim Bandits finalists

Pilgrim Bandits semi-finalists South Africa

Ch 5 Documentary

Pete Winner, Rusty and Mink filming documentary

Ben Parkinson

Rusty and Ben Table Top Mtn Cape Town

Roberto Duran

Rusty and Roberto Duran in Manchester

Cheque Presentation

Cheque presentation with Frank Harper and lads from the village

Log run

Log run event

Frank Harper

Rusty and actor Frank Harper

John Ball and log runners

John Ball and log runners

Kent 7 Para RHA gun crew

Rusty with Kent 7 Para gun crew

6 Days - New film

6 Days - coming soon

Pilgrim Bandits Charity Event

10 Mile Log Run 8/7/2017

Cheque Presentation

Presentation by Mark Estough, Provincial Grand Master,Masonic Province of West Kent

Log runners 7 Para RHA

Presentation of print, 'The Resolution'

With Organisers

Rusty with Ben, log runners, 7 Para RHA, medics plus John Ball, Susie Rob Wortham and Big Leigh

10 Mile Log Run 8/7/2017

Grand Master Mark, Assistant Grand Master Mark of West Kent