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SAS Deaths in The Breacon Beacons

The Brecon Beacons: BBC Wales news website takes a closer look at one of Wales' last true wildernesses, its significant role in the history of the SAS and why it is no stranger to tragedy.

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Iranian Embassy Siege 1980 BBC Report

The siege of the Iranian embassy in London ended after a dramatic raid by SAS commandos. Five Iranian gunmen were killed and one was arrested. Nineteen hostages were set free but one died and two were injured in the cross-fire.

Millions of people watched the rescue live on television as bank holiday entertainment on all three channels was interrupted to show the real-life drama unfold.

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Operation Loyton and the SAS

In the immediate post WWII years, the SAS was officially disbanded in an act of petty spite by a British military establishment that hated its maverick ways. But it was the men of Operation Loyton who defied the top brass and secretly kept The Regiment going, ensuring its survival as the unrivalled military strike force it still is today.

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